a radio station that plays popular songs that contain only positive, uplifting lyrics. And instead of trite, tiresome DJ chatter, announcers encourage their audience with quotes from great thinkers and motivators. Listeners are provided with helpful, tips on health, exercise, money management, even parenting and social skills.
If this is the kind of station you've dreamed of finding, don't look for it on your radio dial. You're more likely to hear it the next time you go shopping. It's called Up2U Radio, a new, syndicated audio service for retail businesses. The product is being offered by Rise Radio LLC, an Atlanta based communications and marketing firm.

UP2U Radio is a real breakthrough in the field of audio entertainment and messaging for corporate and retail environments," says Rise Radio President and CEO Art Scott. "The lessons we learned while building a custom, in-store radio network for Kroger Supermarkets, laid the foundation for UP2U Radio," Scott said. "Kroger Store managers noticed that the positive music and messaging on Kroger Radio had a significant impact on the morale and performance of their personnel. In addition, they associated the increased length of store visits and greater impulse spending by customers to the station's ability to target advertising at the point of sale," Scott continued.

Listen to our Demo to hear the more subtle aspects of Rise Radio's unique concept. The programming  is more akin to a major market radio station than simple background music.

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This is due, in part to the custom station jingles and on air production provided by Rise Radio's strategic partner, Dallas, Texas based TM Century, Inc. TMCI is widely considered to be one of the world's premiere music and production resources.
"We have identified a growing trend toward "narrow-casting" and "niche marketing within the advertising industry," says Dave Graupner TMCI President, CEO. "In designing custom radio stations for corporate and retail businesses, we believe Rise Radio is at the forefront of this important market segment," Graupner continued. "Our role, in the endeavor, is to assist Rise Radio in providing clients with music, jingle and advertising production services that rival those heard on the world's top radio stations", Graupner added.

Program content isn't the only point of difference Rise Radio offers retail customers. Instead of being delivered by satellite to the end user, UP2U Radio uses proprietary software, developed by Smarts Broadcasting, Inc. of Emmetsburg, Iowa.

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"The software, hardware package we've designed for Rise Radio allows their current clients to have a different, customized radio station at each location," states John Schad, Smarts Broadcasting President.

"A special, Internet connection to Rise Radio's central server in Dallas, enables retail customers to target advertising and corporate messaging to the individual store level, " Schad noted.

A recent article in a national business publication used the term "news related stress syndrome" to describe our frustration with the mass media. The story cited fatigue, poor job performance, irritability and, in some cases, depression among workers who were constantly exposed to negative news and crass entertainment. In some ways, the media is getting to be like the weather; almost everyone complains about it but no one does anything about it. No one, that is, until Rise Radio.

Listen up the next time you visit a shopping mall, specialty retailer or convenience store. There's a good chance these forward thinking businesses will be offering their customers a breath of fresh air called UP2U Radio.